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Last update: Feb. 2011

Up Regulated Genes

Down Regulated Genes

Zymolyase example (yeast): [Load example] [Results]


Please Select the organism the genes belong to


Select the platform the genes belong to. The genes must be in the platform native format. If the Cross platform option is selected the genes may be in any of the suported formats, as they will be translated

Job Name and E-mail (Optional)

Select a name for your job. A random one will be assigned if left blank. If an E-mail is specified it will be used to notify the completion of the job.

If you find MARQ useful, please cite this publication:

Vazquez, M., Nogales-Cadenas, R., Arroyo, J., Botías, P., García, R., Carazo, J. M., Tirado, F., Pascual-Montano, A. Carmona-Saez, P. 2010, `MARQ: an online tool to mine GEO for experiments with similar or opposite gene expression signatures.' , Nucleic acids research (Web Server issue). doi:10.1093/nar/gkq476. [pubmed]